Attractions and Things to do at Cottages of Mentone

Romantic, Beautiful and Charming

When you are visiting the Cottages of Mentone, there are plenty of attractions this wonderful place can offer. Whether you're interested in Rock City to witness the breathtaking views or interested in sea life and want to visit the aquarium, we have it all for you! Year-round attractions, and amazing weather, make the Cottages of Mentone a beautiful destination for relaxation or celebration.


Over 10,000 amazing animals that swim, fly and crawl in natural habitats. This remarkable journey from the mountains to through three forests.

Ruby Falls

America’s deepest commercial cave and the highest, most-visited underground waterfall. Enjoy a guided tour of the 145-foot waterfall.

Lookout Mountain

Lookout Mountain rises 2,000 feet above sea level and overlooks Chattanooga. The views are as amazing as the attractions!

DeSoto State Park

Whether a nature hobbyist, outdoor enthusiast, or sporting fanatic - Kayaking, fishing, hiking, and just plain ole' exploring nature.